Winder Doesn't Work -- Power Light NOT On

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This problem usually results in the winders not getting a complete electrical connection when stacked. Our winders pass electricity from one to the next by the metal electrical contact pads in the nubs underneath each winder. If there is a piece of packing paper, foam or other foreign substance blocking any of those four contact pads from getting or relaying electricity, your winder will not work. So in a column of winders where one or more winders does not seem to be powered, check all contact pads carefully for foreign substances. Next, make sure each winder in the column is stacked completely seated in the cavity of the winder (or drawer box) beneath it. The most likely cause of problem is that when you inserted a winder with Velcro on the back, that it caught the Velcro strip on the wall on the back of the safe before allowing the winder electrical contacts to seat properly. Pull that winder out carefully, and then reinsert it slowly, sliding it from the front straight inward, sitting directly on top of the winder below it with the electrical contact nubs lined up. Lean the lower winder out toward you a fraction of an inch while doing this, and seat the electrical contact nubs of the top winder in the cavities in the bottom winder BEFORE making contact with the back wall Velcro.Then just push and lock in the Velcro. This will allow you to have a good electrical connection.


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