9 Winder Display Door Safe and Showing Winders through the Top Window

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The locking mechanism on the Display Door BlumSafe blocks part of the contents of the safe. There was no way around that for us. Some people who only have need for 9 winders ask us if they can place  six winders on the bottom, showing through the bottom window, two jewelry drawers behind the lock mechanism, and then place 3 more winders on a shelf above those drawers so that the winders show through the top window. The answer is, "yes", with some adaptation for powering and securing the top level of winders. 

Our winders can get their power two ways (A) through the Lego-type nubs in the bottom of each winder, which stack in holes on the top of the winder beneath it to transmit electricity, or (B) through a power port in the back of each winder. Typically in a BlumSafe, all power is drawn through those nubs in the bottoms of the winders, allowing  all winders to be powered by one power adapter. However, in the nine winder example above, if you place two drawers on top of the first six winders, and then place three more winders on a shelf above that (so they are visable through the top Display Door window), the power nubs for the top three winders are not in contact with electricity from the winders below, and need to be powered. The solution is to buy an additional three power adapters from us (https://blumsafe.com/product/extra-ac-power-adapter/), run the wires up the back of the safe and plug them into the back of each of the top three winders (unfortunately we have not found in the markeplace a splitter allowing us to use only one power adapter for all three winders, and it would be cost prohibitive for us to develop a power base for these three winders allowing them to share power).  Note that this solution means you wil have 5 power wires (three for the top three winders, one for the drawer base powering the bottom six winders, and one for the lighting) going out the bottom of your safe and you will need a power strip hidden somewhere for all of this.

Additionally, while you can leave the three top winders loose on the velvet-covered shelf on top (two shelves come with every safe),  the better practice is to attach those winders to the back wall of the safe by contacting us to obtain an extra back wall retention bar and velcro for attaching those winders (you will have to drill two small holes in the back wall to attach the retention bar). 

Problem solved!


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