How to Program the Fingerprint Lock

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Programming your safe is often the most challenging part of the BlumSafe experienece, UNLESS you folllow the instructions carefully. See the instruction manual for your BlumSafe or the videos for programming the keypad and fingerprint sensor, AND FOLLOW THEM VERY CAREFULLY. For example, when you program your PIN into the keypad, you must do so TWICE for it to take. Also, due to supply chain vagueries, sometimes the fingerprint light will be green instead of red, or the red programming button will be on a slightly different part of the back of the lock than shown in the video. 

A couple of thoughts to help you get the most out of the fingerprint function (versus using the keypad or backup key):

- The fingerprint sensors on virtually all safes have much less computing power than the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone. Accordingly, any safe’s fingerprint sensor won’t read as well, and we must give the safe the best chance it can to get a good read, which usually works.

-This is even more of an issue as we get older, when our fingerprints get thinner, particularly from the 50’s onward. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to look at your fingers and determine where you have the “best” fingerprint – where the ridges are highest and clearest.

--You can register 32 fingerprints in the BlumSafe. To optimize the chances of getting a good read, register several different “views” of each of the fingers you think you want to use, first registering the finger straight onto the pad (not pressing too hard), then registering under several different “fingerprints” that same finger, first turned a bit to the right, then to the left, then tilted up a bit and lastly down a bit. If you register 5 fingers that way, you will have a much better chance of a good first-time read.

--Think about the likely angle you approach the safe and place the finger on the sensor when you naturally open the safe – “straight in” isn’t how we often put our finger on the reader. Register your finger the way you are likely to place it.

--Note that fingerprints are often almost impossible to read after stepping out of a shower, or having your hands in water for a while.


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