Installing a BlumSafe in a 2"x4" Stud Wall

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BlumSafes can be mounted "flush" in a wall cavity that provides 7.5" of depth, but can easily be mounted with no alteration in standard walls that utilize 2"x4" studs, by using our Frame accessory.  Because the Frame uses finely carpentered angled sides, the safe  projects off the wall surface in a gradual and non-obtrusive manner.

Customers who wish to conceal their BlumSafes with this Frame installation will usually mount them in a closet, becuase it is more difficult to conceal your safe the usual ways, either behind a picture mounted on hinges covering the safe ( or by using our Electronic Screen or Concealment Mirror ( However, we have customers  who have designed a deep shadow box solution that concelas the safe and Frame, hinged to the wall surrounding and concealing the Frame, which left a bit over an inch of shadow box depth to hold a 3-D object to make it look "real". The BlumSafe is thereby  revealed when  the shadow box is swung off the wall. A more esoteric solution that one client proposed a couple of years ago (we don't know if he ever did it) was to get an industrial/commercial surface mounted electrical breaker box,   cut out the back wall and the front part that holds the breakers behind the door, and basically hide his BlumSafe and Frame "in plain site" behind the door of the breaker panel!


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