My Safe Won't Open; What If I Lose the Backup Key? Other Choices to Open It?

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You shouldn't have problems with your BlumSafe not opening if you replace your lock batteries every two years or so (for alkalines -- higher priced lithiums last much longer). There is a low battery indicator on the keypad's LCD screen and low battery audio beep alert -- don't ignore them, and replace your batteries with high quality alkaines or lithium batteries. 

If, in spite of this, you are locked out of your safe, there are two options -- the backup key that came with your safe, and the external battery box that comes with US-built BlumSafes or can be separately ordered for Chinese-built ones. 

1. Backup Key. You should not be using the keys that came with your safe in normal operation. These keys are meant as an emergency backup, just in case the batteries run out on your electronic lock  or there is another malfunction. They will open your safe but not lock it. And as an emergency backup to open your safe, your keys SHOULD NEVER BE STORED IN THE SAFE! They should be kept outside the safe someplace you will remember. 

To open the safe with this key, unscrew the oval BlumSafe steel plate that is attached to your door, insert the key in the keyhole and turn. Since the key has four ridges, you may have to pull out the key and insert it in different orientations until you line up the correct ridges to the lock mechanism to unlock the safe.

2. Battery Box.  So, what if your safe is locked and won't open with the keypad or fingerprint, you ignored the LCD battery level indicator and the beeping as the battery wore down and you can't find your keys or locked them in the safe (people do that all the time, you are not alone)? You have two choices. Firstly, all American-made blumSafes come with a backup battery box connector to the lock that plugs into the nook right under the keypad (if you lost your backup battery box or have a Chinese-made BlumSafe, you can order one here). Your second choice is to order another key from us -- Under the oval BlumSafe plate on the front of the safe there is a sticker with a number on it. Open a  help ticket and give us that number and we can match up the key for you. The key might take some time and be expensive, so we prefer that you first lean towards the battery box solution.

The locks on BlumSafe Professionals have external battery accessibility, so you should have no power problems with these locks -- just follow the instructions for opening the safe or replacing the batteries.

We have you covered. 


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