Watch Winder Settings

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Our belt-drive, Boxy watch winders use premium Mabuchi motors and wind at three speeds ( (672, 960 and 1248 turns per day (TPD)), and in three directions --  BD=Bi-Directional, CW=Clockwise, CCW=Counter Clockwise. All automatic watches have different TPD requirements, but on average almost all automatic watches will be adequately wound with these settings offered by our Boxy Brick winders.

To find the right setting for your watch, first ask your authorized dealer or consult with the website for your watches. Alternatively, we recommend the following procedure:

- Manually wind the watch by turning the crown 20-30 times. The watch winder will not wind a completely dead watch.
- Set the winder to the lowest TPD setting and bi-directional rotation. Place the watch in the winder and make sure it is seated properly and securely in the holder.
. Turn the winder on and periodically check to make sure the time is correct. Most automatics have a maximum of 40 hours of power reserve when fully wound so if the time is correct after 2 full days, this is the proper setting for your watch.If the time is incorrect, please set it to the next highest TPD setting and try again.
- If the time is incorrect, please set it to clockwise only and try again.
- If the time is incorrect, please set it to counter-clockwise only and try again.
- If the watch works while it is being worn but does not work in the winder, it may need to be serviced. When a watch is worn, the movements it experiences are not as smooth as in a watch winder, so while a watch may work when it’s worn it may not work when in the winder. Watch winders move very smoothly so if the lubrication inside the watch has congealed from not being in use, the watch may need to be serviced.


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