Winder Doesn't Work -- Power Light On, But No Motion

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This issue could result from several problems, most likely a slipped belt. First, does the winder cup move around freely with no resistance? If so, the rubber belt that drives the rotor may have slipped or broken. See this video for directions on replacing the belt. It is likely that your existing belt is still good and just slipped off the pulleys and is loose in the winder enclosure. If it is torn, contact us or order here and we will mail you a new belt. If your belt is in place and functional, then you may have another problem to troubleshoot. So then, try this: With the power off, put your hand in the winder cup and GENTLY push it inward and turn it a bit clockwise and then counterclockwise. Then put it back in the safe and try it and see if it works. Also, try moving both control switches on the face of the winder (the speed and the direction sliders) to all positions to see if this fixes it – sometimes it does because the switch position is in the middle of two settings.


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